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pain tablet:What are the effective methods to relieve pain?

Generally speaking, pain relief is not only a method of taking painkillers, but also other methods. So, what are the other ways to relieve pain?

The most commonly used methods for pain treatment include drug therapy, nerve block therapy, physical therapy, minimally invasive treatment, etc.

Drug treatment: opioid analgesics, non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, antidepressants, vitamins and neurotrophic drugs.

antidepressants, vitamins and neurotrophic drugs.

Nerve block treatment: severe pain needs to be controlled by nerve block, so that the pain can be relieved quickly. Nerve block can block the vicious circle of pain, improve the microenvironment, and remove local inflammatory substances.

Physical therapy: activate the nerve factors that eliminate pain through photoelectric therapy, ultrasound, magnetic therapy, shock wave therapy, wax therapy and other physical methods, and inhibit the pain allergy.

Minimally invasive treatment: including knee joint cavity injection therapy, radiofrequency therapy, needle knife therapy, and intervertebral foraminoscope technology. Needle knife therapy is a method to relieve pain by cutting compressed nerve tissue, which can quickly relieve pain. Radiofrequency ablation of cervical, lumbar and intervertebral discs is to precisely output ultra-high frequency electric waves through a specific puncture guide needle, so that the local protruding intervertebral disc tissue can generate high temperature and play a role of thermal coagulation, so that the intervertebral disc pulp can be ablated and shrunk, and the symptoms of intervertebral disc protrusion can be treated.

Massage and massage technology: refers to the method of eliminating pain by stimulating painful parts through finger pressure, percussion, massage and other techniques.

What medicine is better for pain relief?

What medicine is better for pain relief

Aspirin, ibuprofen, indomethacin, celecoxib, diclofenac, tramadol and other analgesics can be selected to relieve pain. Only by following the doctor’s instructions, can good effects be achieved.

Aspirin, ibuprofen, indomethacin, acetaminophen, celecoxib, diclofenac, etc. are non steroidal analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs, mainly used for colds, muscle aches, colds, fatigue headaches, neuralgia, etc.

Tramadol is a central analgesic, which has stronger analgesic effect than non steroidal antipyretic analgesics, mainly used for moderate acute pain and postoperative pain.

Morphine, pethidine hydrochloride, fentanyl and other opioid analgesics are mainly used for patients with advanced cancer. They have a strong analgesic effect and are addictive when used for a long time. Therefore, most of them are state controlled drugs to avoid abuse.

Omeprazole, pantoprazole, etc. can be used in case of stomach acid and stomachache. If it is gastroenteritis and abdominal pain, probiotics, Bacillus licheniformis, etc. can be used to regulate the intestinal flora.

Those who suffer from pain need to go to a doctor for examination. After the cause of pain is identified, they can use painkillers for the symptoms, or actively treat the primary disease to relieve the pain. They must not use drugs blindly to avoid covering up the disease and delaying the time for diagnosis and treatment.

Taking painkillers can quickly relieve pain, but don’t eat indiscriminately!

Pain is an unpleasant subjective feeling, which can involve various parts of the body, organs and tissues. The causes of pain are multifaceted, which will affect the body and spirit of patients. In serious cases, it is also easy to reduce the quality of life of patients. Many patients will choose to take painkillers when they have pain symptoms. This is wrong. Painkillers should not be taken indiscriminately. Taking them wrongly can easily lead to aggravation of the disease.

Common pain and pain relief methods:

Common pain and pain relief methods:

Headache: When a headache occurs, you can press Hegu and Neiguan points with your thumb. The point shall be pressed upward on time to make the sense of acid swelling transmit upward. If two points can be pressed at the same time, the effect will be better. Those with severe headache can also press the pain point with fingers for 1-2 minutes. This method is especially effective for angioneurotic headache.

Toothache: find the pain point on the cheek corresponding to the toothache, dip your index finger in the red flower oil, press it on the pain point, and use force until it is partially swollen. Generally, it can relieve pain within a few minutes. If there is still pain, you can press the Xiaguan point on the affected side (in the depression under the zygomatic arch in front of the ear) for upper toothache, select the buccal chevron point (where the mandibular angle bites the teeth) for lower toothache, and the Hegu point on the affected side (where the tiger’s mouth muscles bulge). Press each point for 1-2 minutes to relieve pain.

Throat pain: Press Tianzhu point at the hairline of the lateral edge of the neck muscle to produce a sense of soreness, and then press Hegu point for 5 minutes to relieve the pain.

Neck pain: Neck pain is mostly caused by falling pillow. You can press the falling pillow point located slightly behind the second and third metacarpal bones on the back of the hand. It is better to upload the feeling of soreness. At the same time, slowly move the neck. If there is a strip of pain in the pain area, you can use your thumb to pull it from top to bottom, and it can be cured in a few minutes.

Breast pain: find the pain point between vertebra 4 and 5 on the affected side of the back and the scapula, and press with your thumb to relieve the pain, or press Tianzong point in the middle of the scapula on the affected side for better effect.

Bifurcated chest pain: find a pain point about 1.5 inches beside the corresponding spine along the intercostal space of chest pain. The patient should take a full breath to bulge the chest first, and press the pain point downward with the thumb. Sometimes a sound of “click” can be felt, indicating that the costal vertebra joint has been restored. Or, when you breathe in after pressing, you can pat the painful part of the spine with your palm for a few times.

Angina pectoris: During the attack of angina pectoris, the right hand clenches the fist and stretches back, press Zhiyang point which is located at the junction of the connecting line between the lower corners of the two scapulae and the midline of the spine with the middle finger joint, put the fist against the back of the back chair, and lean the upper body back, so that the tip of the fist is pressed against Zhiyang to produce a sense of acid swelling, until the angina pectoris is relieved.

Stomachache: first find the tenderness point or subcutaneous nodule next to the 5-10th thoracic spine on the back, and press it to Yang point with the tip of your fist, or press it with your thumb point by others. The pain can be relieved in 1-3 minutes quickly. For stubborn people, press Zusanli point of 4 transverse fingers below the knee and one transverse finger outside the tibia, which has a significant effect.

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